Our Culture

The atmosphere created at Fairport Baptist Homes is uniquely loving and vibrant. Everything we do and everything our residents experience is driven by a culture that places residents first. This means giving responsibility and control to our residents for many of the decisions that affect their daily lives. We remember that each resident is an important, integral member of our larger family.

Placing residents first means attending to their interests, not just their medical needs. And possibly, most importantly, it means constantly being open to adapting, evolving, and improving how we do things—to fit our residents’ needs as opposed to needing residents to fit how we do things.



  • Three meals daily in a family dining setting
  • Housekeeping and laundry service
  • A nurse/care manager on site to develop your individual care plan and coordinate any additional services
  • Medication management
  • Social, recreational and spiritual activities
  • On-site beauty salon and barber shop
  • Weekly religious services (Catholic and Protestant) and visits with on-site chaplain
  • Gift shop
  • Micro market providing 24/7, self-serve access to a variety of beverages, snacks and fresh food
  • Access to rehabilitation services and higher level of care, based on availability and individual care needs


Residents in each of our households gather together, like a family, in their own community dining room. Best of all, family and friends are welcome to bring a meal from home to share with their loved one so they can continue to participate in familiar food traditions. Families have the ability to use the community kitchen to warm and save meals brought from home.

In addition, Fairport Baptist Homes enjoys celebrating the holidays with our residents and their families. On most major holidays, our larger community joins together to celebrate with a delicious holiday meal.

Our menus change seasonally and we accommodate special diets. We always look forward to fulfilling special requests whenever we can-whether a nutritional request or simply a favorite!


Our residents find no shortage of things to do here at Fairport Baptist Homes. Our community is purposely designed to foster interaction among residents in our households.

Meals are enjoyed together and filled with conversation. Throughout the day, our common areas are filled with residents gathering for movies, games, puzzles, conversation and companionship. Add to this a variety of organized activities including music groups, pet visits, dance troupes and informative speakers on various topics.

Pastoral Care

Fairport Baptist Homes knows that quality care must encompass the whole person; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Indeed, we’ve learned these dimensions interact with each other in profound ways. Many of our residents affirm the important place religious faith plays in their lives.
Our pastoral care staff work to understand each resident’s needs and then provide meaningful opportunities for faith expression. Our chaplains offer weekly worship, prayer and study opportunities. We also celebrate holiday services and visit personally with residents and families for their spiritual support through life’s transitions.

Chapel Services Schedule
( Regular schedule currently suspended due to COVID )

Sunday Christian Worship Service
Led by our Chaplain and Guest Ministers

In lieu of services, normally held at 2pm in the FBH Chapel, our Chaplain visits the households to offer prayers and personal worship guides.

Tuesday Catholic Worship Service
Led by Local Catholic Parrish Ministers

in lieu of services, normally held at 10:30am in the FBH Chapel, our Chaplain conducts small services on the households and offers prayers and blessings.

Thursday Chaplain's Bible Study
Led by our Chaplain & Staff

In lieu of Bible Study group, normally held at 10:30am in the FBH Chapel, our Chaplain distributes Bible Study guides to residents on the households and offers prayers.

Please feel free to contact Rev. Doug Allen at dallen@fbhcm.org or 585.388.2336 to request a visit and with any questions.