Continuum of Care

We have developed a Continuum of Care that gracefully evolves with our seniors’ needs. Once part of the FBH family, you have access to all levels of care available, should your situation and care need adjustment.

Below is a guide to the services that make up our Continuum of Care. To get an initial understanding of our services, just scroll down to find the situation with which you identify.

Situation 1

“My loved one is not ready to leave their home. But they need help around the house, and I can’t always be there to help.”

Senior Options For Independence (SOFI)

We all need help at times in our lives. Caring for a loved one can become a challenge for you and they, no doubt, don’t want to be a burden. Fairport Baptist Homes has developed an extensive list of services to create a custom package of care for your loved one that keeps them feeling independent in their own home.

Maybe they just need a little housecleaning, a ride to run errands, meal preparation or just a friendly visit from time to time. If your loved one lives in the Fairport/Perinton area, SOFI can help. Click below to explore everything SOFI has to offer.




Independent Living

Helping a loved one retain an independent life may be made easier by letting go of some of the costs, stress and burdens that come with owning their own home. We offer a variety of affordable living communities designed to assist seniors and persons with disabilities.

Together, you can choose a one or two-bedroom cottage or select from a variety of apartments in caring, friendly communities. You’ll find lush gardens, meticulously maintained homes, even pet-friendly accommodations. Click below to explore on and off-campus, independent living options.




Situation 2

"Things around the house are getting a bit hard and expenses could be an issue. But, they are still able to live independently."

Situation 3

“My loved one has been in the hospital and they need some help to recover and get home as fast as possible.”


After a surgery or hospitalization for an illness, a loved one might not be ready to jump right back into their normal routine. They need to recuperate, regain their strength or get used to that new knee or hip. That’s where our rehabilitation services come in. Let us put together a personalized plan to shorten the road to recovery and avoid any bumps along the way.

Our skilled, experienced staff provides exactly the care and therapy your loved one’s specific situation demands. Our doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and dietary specialists are just part of the team who’ll work to get them ready to return home safely. Click below to see all our rehabilitation services have to offer.




Assisted Living

The time comes for all of us where we need help to ensure we can live safely. That could simply mean bathing, managing medications or just getting in and out of bed. This can be hard to accept but doesn’t mean they have to surrender all their independence.

Decades ago, we pioneered an innovative household model that creates “neighborhoods” and a true community feel. No long hallways. No nurses’ stations. Just a home like setting with a higher level of assistance to meet daily needs. Click below to see all the benefits our Assisted Living Community provides.




Situation 4

“I’m worried that there are things my loved one just can’t do by themselves anymore. I’m concerned for their safety.”

Situation 5

“My loved one just can’t be on their own anymore. It’s not safe and they need to be watched over more closely.”

Skilled Nursing Care

Needing help is a fact of life, and for some, that may eventually mean around-the-clock care. Medical supervision and personal care are realities that need to be accepted.

Our skilled nursing care provides this loving assistance in a unique, home-like environment that we helped pioneer. No long hallways. No nurses’ stations. Just a home-like setting with the attentive support your loved one needs to provide them, and you, true peace-of-mind. Click below to learn more about the services our skilled nursing caregivers provide.