Our Mission

To create a flourishing senior community, both on our residential campus and across the broader community, by empowering independent living.

We constantly seek to discover better ways to build upon thebest of what we have already accomplished.

Our Vision

Our vision is to open new possibilities for all seniors in our community, with individualized, quality assistance, and careas needed.

  • Celebrating friendship, spontaneity, creativity, comfort and fun
  • Creating a culture where each is known and is comfortable being one’s self
  • Building a thriving and growing community, both within our residential campus and across the broader community, that’s full of life and vitality, where all are welcome, and all contribute

Our Values

  • We believe in the importance of knowing each senior individually
  • We believe in the importance of seniors maintaining control of their daily decision-making and routine at all stages
  • We believe in the powerful potential for growth, development and contribution for all seniors and staff
  • We believe in the power and importance of relationship and in the value of community building
  • We believe in the value of teamwork, in knowledgeable and responsible decision-making, in facing challenges as a community
  • We believe in celebrating accomplishments
  • We are willing to take reasonable risks to try new things
  • We revere our seniors, nurture children, respect families, welcome visitors, value our volunteer’s contributions and honor our staff
  • We believe in the sanctity of life and the sacredness of death

Our History

Established in 1904 as a retirement home, Fairport Baptist Homes enjoys a rich history of providing the quality, personal care seniors so rightfully deserve. Throughout the decades, we’ve constantly looked to adapt, innovate and grow. As generations, society and technology evolves, so do we. The result is a modern approach to a century-old mission of quality, personal care. Every need can be properly accommodated in ideal environments where real relationships with a caring staff are cultivated and nurtured.

Fairport Baptist Homes has always been a place deserving of the name, “home.” At all times, our seniors’ independence is respected, and family members’ peace-of-mind is assured.

Historical Highlights


The Baptist Home of Monroe County was established as a retirement home by Dr. Marcena Ricker, Susan B. Anthony’s close friend and personal physician.


The Home saw what would be their first expansion of many more to come, allowing for an increased number of residents.

1930 - 1970

Expansions brought the ability to accept more residents and move toward providing more medical care to meet their increasing needs.


The campus went through a $22 million renovation and new construction project to convert the traditional style of nursing home living to a new, innovative household model. No call bells or nursing stations, but instead, an open-style floor plan to encourage socialization and resemble a true home.


Fairport Baptist Homes is recognized on a national level as a constituent in a small group of pioneers who have changed the culture of long-term care. This household model encourages independence, involvement and a sense of community.

A place for living
and growing


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