Coronavirus Information & Updates

Visitation Guidelines

We are so pleased to welcome visitors to Fairport Baptist Homes!

• Visitors may come to Fairport Baptist Homes, seven days a week, and are encouraged to consider visiting between 10am-8pm.

• Visitors are discouraged from coming during lunch hour to help with maintaining appropriate social distance in the neighborhood dining areas.

• All visitors will continue to be screened each time they visit for symptoms and/or potential exposure to COVID-19, as well as have their temperature taken.

• Masks must be worn properly over the mouth and nose at all times. Masks are required for all visitors regardless of vaccination status, including while visiting in private and semi-private Resident rooms and in public and common areas AT ALL TIMES-regardless of vaccination status. If a Resident is on precautions, visitors are still allowed, but must wear the appropriate PPE (ie: gowns, gloves, masks, face shields). Fairport Baptist Homes will provide these items as well as any assistance that is needed with donning and doffing them properly.

• Fairport Baptist Homes requests that all visitors be vaccinated against COVID. Vaccination is requested, but not required.

• Visitors must present a negative COVID-19 test result upon entering the facility. Visitors will need to have a rapid test done no more than one day prior to visitation, or two days prior if presenting the result of a PCR test. When you arrive at FBH and complete the sign-in process via Accushield, please present your negative test result to the Receptionist. Please bring your actual cartridge from the home test in a sealed baggie to show the receptionist upon your arrival. If you did not test at home, our testing clinic is open and test kits are available. Please be aware that supplies are limited and we cannot guarantee that test kits will always be available. Children under 2 are not required to test. For visitors who visit multiple days, or daily, a test if only required every 3 days. The Receptionist will give you a paper “Pass” when you present your test. Use this pass for the next two days until your test is due again.

• Compassionate Care visits are exempt from the testing requirement. Compassionate Care visits include visits for a resident whose health has sharply declined, is experiencing a significant change in circumstances, or who is experiencing stress/anxiety as a result of COVID restrictions. However, we strongly encourage these visitors to test is possible.

• Food and drink are not allowed in resident rooms at this time, whether it is private or semi-private, and regardless of residents and/or visitor vaccination status.

• Physical distance should be maintained as much as possible within the confines of the room or visiting area.

• Outdoor visitation is highly encouraged, weather permitting.

• Visitors must maintain a social distance of six feet from anyone other than their loved one; i.e., other residents, visitors and staff.

• Visitors are allowed in the neighborhood dining rooms, as long as they can maintain a social distance from any other resident, and MUST be masked (over nose & mouth) AT ALL TIMES, regardless of vaccination status and NO EATING OR DRINKING.

Updated: July 2022