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Departments & Key Contacts


Fairport Baptist Homes

We want to make it easy for you to get the information you need. You may call any of the key contacts at Fairport Baptist Homes that are listed below. We hope you find this helpful. If you are unsure of who to contact or have a question, please call our receptionist, who is on call 7 days a week, at 585.377.0350. Our fax # is 585.377.2620.
Thomas Poelma 585.388.2300
Administrator/COO Skilled Nursing
Greg Powers  585.388.2320
Director of Human Resources
Deborah Tuttle 585.388.2312
Director of Nursing
Jan Considine  585.388.2337
Admissions (Skilled Nursing Care, Rehabilitation)
Jennifer Russo 585.388.2307
Admissions (Assisted Living)
Thera Miller 585-388-2384
Co-Directors of Environmental Services
Linda Kachel 585.388.2352
Ray Brooks 585.388.2351
Director of Food Services
Richard Card  585.388.2390
Neighborhood Administrators
1st and 2nd Floor/F&G: Tammy VanMaldeghem 585.388.2339
2nd Floor/E&F and 3rd Floor: Cindy Welch    585.388.2357
TCC: Stacey Hall    585.388.2328
Pastoral Care
Rev. Jennifer Streeter   585.388.2336
Pastor Marianne Katz   585.388.2230
Director of Resident Life Enhancement
Hilda Thompson 585.388.2323

Senior Options for Independence

Director of Community Services
Ellen O’Connor 585.388.2304
Community Care Managers
Jeanne Read  585.377.7830
Heide George 585.377.7830
Biagio Zarcone  585. 377.7830
Vickie Hamling  585. 377.7830


Transportation Coordinator
Robin Casella 585. 377.8117  
Recreational Therapy and Volunteer Coordinator
Hilda Thompson 585.388.2323
Director of Social Work
Stacey Hall 585.388.2328

Independent Housing

Director of Housing
Sandra Chait-Batty 585.388.2341

Assisted Living at Fairport Baptist Homes

Ashley Gebbie, RN 585.388.2383
Assistant Director of Resident Care Services
Lydia Hahn 585.388.2372


Jennifer Russo 585.388.2307
Director of Rehabilitation Services
Jody Illingworth 585.388.2374
Neighborhood Administrator
Stacey Hall 585.388.2374

LifeTimes Adult Day Health Care at Plymouth Gardens

Joan Courneen 585.328.3590
Social Worker
Tina Hanna 585.328.3590

Fairport Baptist Homes Foundation

Director of Advancement
Jessica Regan 585.388.2324
Development Associate
Laurie Pincus 585.388.2322

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