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Meet Our Team


Thomas Poelma

Tom’s connection with Fairport Baptist Homes began with his grandmother, who lived here in 1973. The love he shared with his grandparents would shape his career, and now puts him in the perfect position to ensure the very best care for many more seniors. He…

Greg Powers

Greg Powers

Since Greg Powers was very young he has enjoyed working with seniors. Their stories always fascinated him particularly those that had overcome adversity during the Depression. Today, he appreciates seniors even more as he interacts with them and is responsible for their care. “It’s amazing…

Deb Tuttle

Deborah Tuttle
Director, Human Resources

Deborah started out thinking that she wanted to be an Elementary teacher, but was always drawn to medicine, working for many years, as a Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant and Office Manager for an office of over 1200 patients, ages 6 weeks to 100 years. Seventeen…


Deb Howe Allen
Director of Advancement

Though Deb Allen has worked in a number of fields—advertising, market research, financial services—when she switched to the non-profit sector over 20 years ago, she never looked back, and can’t imagine doing anything other than fundraising for a living.  She learns something new every day,…

Mansura T. Malik color

Mansura T. Malik, DNP, FNP
Clinical Administrator

“Caring for seniors is a privilege and an excellent learning experience, “says Mansura Malik, “they have so much knowledge, wisdom and wit, and they need our attentive care. I feel honored to be part of this unique dynamic.”   Mansura enjoys interacting with older adults as…


Ellen K. O’Connor
Director, Community Services

Across eight years in senior care, Ellen has one guiding principle— to recognize the importance and value of the individual and establishing loving relationships in all aspects of life. Doing this, she believes, requires an environment in which everyone is valued and has the opportunity…


Sandra Chait Batty
Director, Housing Services

Her career at Fairport Baptist Homes is something she just fell into and fell in love with. She loves having the opportunity to keep seniors independent by helping them and their families make good housing choices.  After 20+ years, she is still energized by seeing…

Jan Considine, RN
Director of Nursing

Jan’s history with Fairport Baptist Homes goes back to when she became a Certified Nursing Assistant here after high school. She left to become a nurse but never forgot her experience caring for seniors and the impact it had on her. After 11 years of…

Jody Illingworth

Jody Illingworth
Director, Rehabilitation

Jody combined her aptitude for science with her desire to help others and found that Physical Therapy was the perfect fit. In over 10 years caring for seniors, she enjoys the learning process and appreciates that they have so much experience with life and so many…