Dining Experience


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The kitchen table. So much happened around it. And at Fairport Baptist Homes, it still does. Every day. Because our residents don’t congregate to eat in some large, impersonal dining room. No, the 12-14 residents in each of our households gather together in their own home-style kitchen. Like family. And, just like at home, residents can keep their favorite foods and drinks in their kitchen’s cabinets and refrigerator. Best of all, residents, family and friends are welcome to use the household kitchen to cook special meals, on holidays or other special occasions.

In addition, Fairport Baptist Homes celebrates the holidays with our residents and their families. On Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day and many other holidays, we take over the cooking and everyone joins us in the McKnight room for delicious holiday meals.


fs 1 fs2We accommodate all special diets, like sugar-free, as well as grounds and purees, making each as close to the originals as possible, and accommodate special requests whenever possible. Our menu is on a Spring/Summer and Fall/winter cycle, and we get fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farm market.