Caring Corner – November2020


Caring Corner – November2020


One of our favorite celebrations of the year!

What does this “Group of 7” here at FBH have in common???

There are many reasons to be grateful on any given day here at FBH, but this occasion is particularly special for us—our annual Centenarian’s Celebration!

This year, we have seven residents turning 100 or more (and the oldest turning 105!), and even though we can’t party like we used to pre-pandemic, that doesn’t mean we won’t be recognizing their landmark birthdays!





Acts of Astonishing Generosity 

While we appreciate all of our supporters, three donors this past year have been extraordinarily generous…

In appreciation of the care their family members have gotten here at FBH, three donors on three separate occasions have sent us incredibly generous gifts recently.  One of these gifts was earmarked for a gesture of thanks for staff, paying for many gallons of cider and dozens of donuts from a local cider mill.  This donor wishes to remain anonymous, but we wanted to be sure that their kind gesture, as well as that of our other benefactors, didn’t go unacknowledged…





The perfect veggie for your Thanksgiving table


Can something this tasty be good for you, too?  You bet!  This recipe for Maple Chili Butternut Squash sounds soooooo good…

Won’t this look beautiful on your Thanksgiving table??