Caring Corner – March 2020


Caring Corner – March 2020

How to give to FBH and reduce your taxes!

Yes, it can still be done, and yes, it’s easy!

A Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA

If you were 70 1/2 or older as of December 31, 2019, you are taking Required Minimum Distributions from your retirement plans. Using that money as a donation to FBH means it won’t need to be reported as taxable income.


Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Donations of appreciated stock mean you can take a charitable deduction of an amount equal to the value of the stock the day you donate it to us, avoiding any capital gains tax you’d have if you’d sold the stock outright.

If you’re planning on using either method to donate to FBH, please let us know, as the checks resulting from such donations don’t always have the donor’s name on them.  We want to be sure to thank you for your generosity!




Please remember FBH when making your United Way gift!

If you give to the United Way, please consider naming us as your designated charity.  When filling out your forms for the 2020 campaign, just remember our agency is number 1144.

Thank you!!!


The days are getting longer…here’s a great way to start them on a healthy note!

This smoothie from our friends at the Blue Zones is as tasty as it is healthy!