Caring Corner – March 2019


Caring Corner – March 2019

The Gift of Music!

The family of Patricia Coone recently gave FBH a most generous gift in her memory, and asked that it be used to fund musical entertainment and activities for our current residents.  “Stayed tuned” to see exactly how this all “plays out” over the next few months!

A Warm Bowl of Soup on a Cold Winter’s Day!

Winter weary?  Try this perfect antidote, from our friends at the Blue Zones…

Beans are an important source of protein and fiber, and tasty as well! Try this recipe soon and see for yourself!

What Do a Clock, a Cat, and a Coffee Table have in Common?

These, and more, are all items paid for with funds from our staff and resident-run Small Grants Committee.

Established five years ago, and funded by an allocation from the Fairport Baptist Homes Foundation, this committee considers requests every month for smaller items that may be modest in price, but are great in impact, and how they enhance life for our residents, their caregivers, and families.  From large-number clocks in our households (easier to see from a distance), to robotic cats that remind residents of beloved pets from long ago, these items are fun, useful, and make a real difference in everyday life here at FBH.  When you give a gift to FBH, it helps to fund improvements like these.  THANK YOU to our generous supporters for making such things possible!