Caring Corner – June 2018


Caring Corner – June 2018

Why Drink Plain Old Water, When You Can Enjoy This?

We don’t always remember to drink as much water as we should…what can you find in our lobby to make this much easier?

Our Food Services staff recently began offering various flavored waters in our lobby each day, available to residents, family members, and staff in the morning and afternoon. Tasty combinations include cranberry citrus, cucumber basil, and lemon blueberry. Mmmm, just the names sound mouth-watering! One more example of how we make sure our residents and those who care for them get the best, every day!

We Want These Stones in Our Garden!

Starting a new garden usually means removing large rocks or stones before planting…but these are stones you would want to keep IN the garden!

Our gardening volunteers hosted an afternoon session recently, where adults and kids alike painted decorative rocks for our flower borders. The results are lovely, and add another level of color and visual enjoyment to our beautifully landscaped grounds. Stop by sometime and see these lovely additions!

Some Shady Characters Soon to Be Seen at FBH!

What’s going on in our E and F households?

A recent grant by a local foundation is enabling us to add outdoor awnings and other improvements to make going outside on a sunny summer day that much more pleasant for our residents. Stay tuned as this project unfolds!