Caring Corner – February 2021


Caring Corner – February 2021

Staying Healthy AND Having Fun!

A recent study finds that reading, playing games may help ward off dementia…

Now here’s a New Year’s resolution we can all get behind!

Our friends at the Blue Zones have this interesting news to share:



Thanks for your help this past holiday season!

Thanks to so many of you who purchased items from our Wish List to give to our residents!

This year especially, with visits on hold and so many other limitations, your generosity was even more welcome and needed.  Much appreciated!!!!



Capital Campaign Fund

For those of you who have supported our campaign to raise money for the renovations to the front of our building:  rest assured that, as soon as restrictions are eased and we get final approval from the State of New York, we’ll begin this much-anticipated project.

We appreciate your help in making this dream a reality, and look forward to its completion soon!