Caring Corner – April 2020


Caring Corner – April 2020

We’re OK, How About You?

Things sure have changed fast, haven’t they?  But rest assured—we’re still providing the same TLC for our seniors as we always have!  Isn’t this message that our staff put on the lawn outside of our residents’ rooms sweet???


We hope you’re taking good care, wherever you are, and that this newsletter helps keep up your spirits!


If you’d like to help…

We’re working hard to keep our residents’ spirits up, especially now that outside visits are on hold, in an effort to keep us all healthy.

If you’d like to donate something to help our residents, please visit our Amazon Wish List:



Visit Museums Online

 We might not be able to visit these wonderful places in person lately, but a virtual visit is right at your fingertips!



Blue Zones To the Rescue! 

Need some suggestions for good, healthy foods to stock up to get through these next few days and weeks?  Our friends at the Blue Zones can help!

Here are some great ideas for healthy foods to fill your cupboards, and your tummy!