Caring Corner April 2018


Caring Corner April 2018

When is Friday the 13th your LUCKY day?

Ask the members of our Service Board!

Friday, April 13 is your lucky day—that’s when our Service Board is holding its annual “Meet and Greet” reception in the McKnight Room, from 5-7pm.  Learn more about the many ways members of our Service Board enhance daily life for our residents—enjoy some tasty food—and perhaps join this group of wonderful, dedicated volunteers!  Their motto says it all:

“Caring for those who cared for us…”


How did a 30 year old car help our residents?

You wouldn’t think a 30 year old car would have much life left in it, but oh, you’d be wrong…

One of our generous donors decided recently it was finally time to part with a 1988 Buick LeSabre.  He called the toll-free number for our Vehicle Donation Program, and within days, the car was auctioned and the proceeds were sent to FBH to benefit our residents.  The result—a gift of over $300, just like that!

Have a vehicle to donate?  All you need are the title and the keys.  The vehicle doesn’t need to be in working order—it doesn’t even need to be a car, any kind of motorized vehicle (boat, motorcycle, etc.) is accepted.

For more information:


1-866-628-CARS (1-866-628-2277)


What’s new in our gardens this Spring?

Thanks to a generous donor, quite a lot!

One of our most generous benefactors has sent us a gift to add to the beauty of our grounds.  We’re hoping to add a butterfly garden, a sensory garden, and perhaps some hummingbird and other bird feeders.

Time spent in the fresh air and sunshine benefits everyone–our residents, their families and caregivers.  And we’re pretty sure we heard a rumor that spring is scheduled to appear one of these days…soon….please, oh please!  Let it be so!  Stay tuned as our garden dreams become a reality—we’ll be sure to post photos later in the summer.  Meanwhile, we remain the eternal (gardening) optimists…