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Nadine FBH Admissions Coordinator

Relax. This will be easier than you think.

The process of moving yourself, or a senior you love, from their home into a higher level of care can be stressful – for everyone involved. That’s why Fairport Baptist Homes works so hard to make the admissions process smooth, simple and stress-free. And we’ve collected some of the most Frequently Asked Questions for Skilled Nursing and for Assisted Living. We hope you find them helpful.

To join one of our Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing neighborhoods, just take two steps:

Simply fill out our Resident Application for Admission and the Financial Disclosure Form


Instructions for Admissions Application – Via Surface Mail or Fax

  • Download and open the application forms. This requires Adobe Reader.
  • Print out the application forms, complete, and mail to: Fairport Baptist Homes, Attention: Admissions, 4646 Nine Mile Point Road, Fairport, NY 14450

Instructions for Admissions Application – Via Email Attachment

  • Download and open the application forms. This requires Adobe Reader.
  • While in Adobe Reader, complete the application forms by typing into the supplied fields.
  • When your application is complete, click the Save button at the end of each form.
  • After clicking the Save button, select the location on your computer that you would like to save the completed application forms.
  • After the form is saved, compose a new email message in your email program, and attach the saved application forms to your email message.
  • Send the email message with application forms attached to     


Provide the following so we can evaluate you, or your senior:

  • A current PRI (Patient Review Instrument) and Screen within 90 days of application. These can be done by any visiting nurse service, or senior service agency— a few are listed below. (This is not necessary for patients coming from a hospital.)
    • VNS (Visiting Nurse Service) 585.787.2233
    • Lifetime Care 585-214-1000
    • HCR (Home Care of Rochester) 585.272.1930
  • A signed HIPAA form, which we use to request medical history and information from the patient’s Primary Care Physician. (This is not necessary for patients coming from a hospital.)
  • Any Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney and MOLST forms that the patient may have in effect.
  • Copies of all the patient’s insurance cards, Social Security card and photo ID.
  • When seeking Long Term Placement, we may ask that you also provide copies of current Bank Statements and other account statements with the completed application

While you are gathering the paperwork, we encourage you, your family and anyone else responsible to take a tour of Fairport Baptist Homes. Simply call Nadine Arndt, Admissions, at 585.388.2307.

You can choose from variety of payment options. Fairport Baptist Homes accepts Private, Medicare, Medicaid, and other Third Party Payers. Veterans benefits do not cover Skilled Nursing care.

About PRI & Screen

If you have questions on how to obtain a PRI, Screen and/or HIPAA Form, please contact our Admissions Department at 585.388.2307. Each applicant is carefully assessed to determine the specific medical, physical, nursing and psychosocial needs.

Fairport Baptist Homes accepts Private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and other third party payers, as applicable to the level of care. Veterans benefits do not cover Skilled Nursing care.

Admission from Hospitals

If you or your loved one is in a hospital, please let the social worker know you are interested in Fairport Baptist Homes. The social worker will obtain all of the information and fax it to us, at 585.388.2388.

Admission from Home Through Agency

If your loved one is currently being cared for at home, the home care agency can complete the PRI and screen, and obtain the other information from the physician in the community.


All written and verbal information you provide us is considered privileged, and will be treated confidentially. To view our confidentiality policy, click here.

All approved applicants are placed in a waiting pool from which admissions are made according to the care needs of the applicant. Admission is based on a variety of additional factors as well, including, but not limited to special needs of the applicant and whether there is an opening at the appropriate level of care. To easily contact us, send or fax your application information to: 585.388.2368.