About Us



Caring. It’s the single word central to everything everyone at Fairport Baptist Homes is. And does. Providing a uniquely personal, individualized level of care, for seniors and their families, is all we are dedicated to. From Senior Options for Independence options designed to give seniors the support and housing options they need to stay independent longer. To Senior Living options, of increasing levels of care, built around a unique household model. To personalized Rehabilitation Care designed to help make the transition from hospital to home easier, faster. Through it all, creating a lifestyle that is unlike any other senior living community can offer. A lifestyle that is…

Caring. Vibrant. Vital.

Who We Care For

At Fairport Baptist Homes, we provide a variety of support services, and housing and living options, for:

  • Seniors who would like to live independently and those who can no longer live safely alone in their own homes.
  • People who need rehabilitation after a hospital stay prior to going home.

How We Care for Them

Fairport Baptist Homes is everything long-term care should be, but so often isn’t. Care. By caring people. Centered around not what’s best for the caregivers. But rather, what’s best for those being cared for. And their families.

Fact is, we’ve been revolutionizing senior care since 1997, to create a better model than the traditional hospital model of care:

  • We’ve changed everything— focusing our mission, vision, values and culture, to create a place for living and growing.
  • We’ve become a driving force in the nationwide culture change movement that is all about living in senior communities, not about dying.
  • We joined a small group of long-term care communities to start the Pioneer Network, a national organization creating a new model of senior care, the household model, that is satisfying and life-affirming.

Our Mission

To create a flourishing senior community, both on our residential campus, and across the broader community by empowering independent living, while constantly seeking to discover better ways to build upon the best of what we have already accomplished.

Our Vision

Our vision is to open new possibilities for all seniors in our community, with individualized, quality assistance, and care as needed.

  • Celebrating friendship, spontaneity, creativity, comfort and fun
  • Creating a culture where each is known and is comfortable being one’s self
  • Building a thriving and growing community, both within our residential campus and across the broader community, that’s full of life and vitality, where all are welcome and all contribute

Our Values

  • We believe in the importance of knowing each and every senior
  • We believe in the importance of seniors maintaining control of their daily decision-making and routine at all stages
  • We believe in the powerful potential for growth, development and contribution for all seniors and staff
  • We believe in the power and importance of relationship and in the value of community building
  • We believe in the value of teamwork, in knowledgeable and responsible decision-making, in facing challenges as a community
  • We believe in celebrating accomplishments
  • We are willing to take reasonable risks to try new things
  • We revere our seniors, nurture children, respect families, welcome visitors, value our volunteer’s contributions and honor our staff
  • We believe in the sanctity of life and the sacredness of death

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