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Thomas Poelma

Tom_smlTom’s connection with Fairport Baptist Homes began with his grandmother, who lived here in 1973. The love he shared with his grandparents would shape his career, and now puts him in the perfect position to ensure the very best care for many more seniors. He has worked at Fairport Baptist Homes for more than 25 years, holding a variety of positions, from Finance to Operations, and now, President/CEO.

Tom is most proud of helping lead the transformation of Fairport Baptist Homes into the “household model,” creating a more home-like atmosphere for residents. This resident-first care model allows caregivers to focus on each individual resident’s needs, developing a lifestyle appropriate for him or her. The benefits of this approach are many, but Tom likes to point out that Fairport Baptist Homes “neighborhoods” make it easier for seniors to form friendships and, in many cases, do what has most meaning in their lives, including cooking. To talk with Tom, view contact information

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