Assisted Living FAQs


How do I apply?

Click here for the Assisted Living pages, where you will find our application form that can be filled out and sent in.

How do I know that I, or a loved one, qualify for this level of care?

We have basic qualifications that are located on our website. We review each application to pre-determine appropriateness in our facility. People choose to live here because they are no longer able to live safely on their own and they need help with their everyday living needs, i.e., housekeeping, medication management, laundry upkeep, meals, socialization etc. For some, it’s a safer living arrangement where aides and nurses are available to assist with needs. For those that might not need all we have to offer immediately, we find that this option is needed for them to maintain their independent status longer.

When can I take a tour?

Our recommendation is to set one up sooner rather than later; our tours are by appointment only. This usually coincides with filling out the Resident Application for Admission Form. We suggest reviewing the application and writing down your questions to bring on your tour; this will make your time with us more beneficial. Also, be sure to review our Virtual Tour of the Assisted Living apartments and facility.

What about activities and a social life? I’m used to being around my friends.

We have a monthly Activity Calendar  that has various activities listed from group to individual. We encourage all activities on our calendar that are geared towards socialization; however, we also accommodate one-on-one visits as well.

What’s the food and dining experience like?

We have a home-style setting where up to 12 residents can come to the kitchen and have three meals a day together. There is a kitchen located on each floor to accommodate our smaller group of residents.

Is cable and television included?

No, but each apartment is wired to accept Time Warner, Frontier, etc. You or your family would call the provider and tell them you’re moving and need to transfer your service to the apartment you have chosen.

Do you have a wait list?

Yes, once the completed application is submitted and the documents are reviewed, you will be informed of preliminary acceptance, and placed on the wait list pending assessment.

How long is your wait list?

This changes periodically throughout the year for multiple reasons. We generally tell applicants to expect approximately 6 months for an opening but please check with us for today’s availability.

Do I bring my own furniture?

Yes, the apartments are yours to make into your new home. We supply the mini-fridge and microwave. Take a look at one of our resident’s apartments.

Can my friends and family visit at anytime?

Yes, we encourage as many visits by family and friends as you can handle. We do ask visitors to sign in at the reception desk when coming in and leaving the facility.

Can I come and go as I please?

Yes, as long as you’re able to safely move about the facility. If you’re leaving the facility, we ask that you make an Assisted Living staff member aware. Also, you will need to sign out and back in at the reception desk as well.

What are the financial requirements?

We are aware that this can be one of the scariest parts to discuss during this process and we recognize that not everyone has the same situation. We will review the application and advise you and your family on how best to move forward.

What is the process when a higher level of care is needed?

Here at FBH, we offer a “continuum of care” which allows us to transfer within our facility when appropriate. This is not guaranteed due to availability; however, we do our best to accommodate while waiting for appropriate placement to be located.

Do you have transportation?

Yes, our case managers can assist in setting up transportation to medical appointments if family or friends are unavailable. Recreational transportation is provided if it is a part of our activity that day.