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Fairport Baptist Homes Foundation

Caring. It’s the single word central to everything everyone at Fairport Baptist Homes is. And does. Providing a uniquely personal, individualized level of care, for seniors and their families. Maintaining this level of care and the resources needed for future growth and stability is the Foundation’s mission. We serve as the central fundraising arm of Fairport Baptist Homes.

Our fundraising efforts help us continue to aid thousands of area seniors through programs like Senior Options for Independence, Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Senior Housing.

Why Give?

Your gift helps offset the shortfall between government and insurance reimbursements to Fairport Baptist Homes and the actual cost of care, both on our campus and in the community. Public funding for health care continues to decline annually, in spite of escalating expenditures. As a non-profit, mission-based organization, Fairport Baptist Homes remains committed to serving the underserved in our community, subsidizing the cost of their care if necessary, in part through charitable contributions.

Your gift enriches and enhances the Fairport Baptist Homes community for years to come. The Foundation invests your funds carefully, building a healthy endowment and using investment income to provide a reliable stream of financial resources, enabling Fairport Baptist Homes to continue to meet the current and future needs of our seniors.

Your gift to the Foundation combines with others to earn more than it might if invested separately.

It’s amazing what your gifts have accomplished!

Upgrades to SOFI Transportation Reporting System. A $1,900 grant from the Foundation will support the development of a custom transportation report for Senior Options for Independence (SOFI). The SOFI Transportation Peerplace Reporting System will meet the need to eliminate double data entry which will allow the Transportation Coordinator more time to spend recruiting drivers. In 2013, the Transportation Program provided 2,765 one-way rides on the Elderbus and 894 rides via volunteer drivers.

Upgrades to Scales. In an effort to maintain accuracy in weight measurements and improve the dignity and general welfare of our residents, a $7,195.50 grant from the Foundation is being allocated to the Nursing Department for the purchase of six scales. Inaccurate weights impact our New York State reimbursement as well as negatively impact our assessment scores.

Bathtubs. The Foundation is awarding $36,000 for the purchase of three bathtubs specialized for health care facilities, one per floor, in an effort to provide a better experience and quality of life for our residents. The benefits of taking baths include improved circulation and skin integrity, personal comfort, relaxation and fostering a sense of independence.

Rehabilitation Equipment. The $8,500 grant from the Foundation will allow the Rehabilitation Department to purchase 3 EZ Way Stand Aids, a Telescoping Curb Step Set, and a Fluidotheraphy Machine in an effort to expand their program and improve the rehabilitation efforts for our residents at FBH.

Lending Library.With the support of the Foundation, a new lending library will be created for residents and their families to use for educational purposes on various topics such as Hospice, Dementia, and Caregiver Support. A $1,000 grant is being awarded to the social workers to purchase materials and bookshelves to start the library.